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Having trouble with Registration?

Postby SecurityMgmt » Sun May 17, 2015 3:53 am

We recently made some changes and upgrades to the forum software. New users must register with their Netbeans username and a Netbeans.org email address.
If your username does not exist at NB, and you didn't use a a Netbeans.org email address, your registration will fail and that email will be banned :o ...

Due to the 1000s of recent bogus registration attempts, we are implementing this policy and deleting previous attempts.

If you registered here and never heard back from us (for days), then re-register with your correct username and a Netbeans.org email address !
I will subsequently help with changes. :D


SecurityMgmt ([at] NBPython [dot][org])
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Reason: Must use a netbeans email address
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