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Tell us how you're using Python Support in NetBeans IDE to build...

... for building Solaris

Postby timf » Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:06 am

hi there,

Well, since you asked, I've been a keen user of Netbeans for as long as the project has been around. It was always my Java IDE of choice and once Python support became available, it was an easy transition.

I've used it extensively when helping to implement the Solaris IPS package management system in Python, and continue to use it in my day-job developing other Solaris features. I really appreciate the fact it can seamlessly handle just about any language I write in: shell scripts, xml, C sources, perl, etc all Just Work.

I'm a huge fan of Netbeans' project support, the Mercurial integration and its general ease-of-use. I've been fairly happy with the extent of the Python support - nice work


- Tim

[Updated: I'd complained about 3.x syntax not working previously, but it turned out I had the wrong platform selected for my project]
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