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How to sign up as a contributor

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 3:58 am
by mr_lou_d
We are looking for Engineers, Analysts and Testers.
When you register, use your Netbeans ID or a "handle" that somewhat matches your name. Then post in this forum with which role you'd like to perform.
At that point, we already have your email, so don't post it here.

Engineers: ...are the builders of NBPython. They write code (mostly Java, and some Python as well) to fix the bugs and add new functionality.
Analysts: ...are (preferably) Python developers who specify functionality and write acceptance tests. They also execute acceptance tests, and may write documentation and demos.
Testers: ...test the NBPython features, either by exploratory testing, or using the Python test narratives at Synergy

Please create a post, and indicate which role you would like to take on. That's all you need to post here!
The project leader will contact you within 48 hours to gather additional information from you.